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PT Round-up: President Obama headlines San Francisco fundraiser, Gov. Chris Christie goes to Iowa, Jeb Bush parties for Right to Rise PAC and Heather Podesta throws funder for Democrats; plus, Valentine’s Day fun

Ready those checkbooks, party people, because fundraiser season just revved into high gear.

After a quiet January (at least by Party Time standards), politicians are prepping for a busy week – and month – of receptions, luncheons and breakfast gatherings. It’s basically the opposite of what Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla., suggested last month. In a blog post, Deutch floated the idea of “Fundraising Free February,” where members of Congress would pledge to “put the permanent campaign on hold when we are in Washington and Congress is in session.” The response so far? Crickets, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Although we salute the idea, we aren’t all that surprised at the lack of signers-on. If there’s one thing PT knows, it’s that politicians have a borderline obsession with campaign cash.

Along those lines, party people, please keep us posted on what you hear about out there! Upload invites right here, or you can email us whatever you’ve got. And remember: The whole process is 100 percent confidential, so you can feel comfortable sharing.

Now let’s dive into your week in political parties!

Presidential par-tay
He’s baaaaack!

The partier-in-chief returns to the money trail this week for the first time in 2015. Party Time records show this will be President Barack Obama’s first fundraiser in 73 days – not a record by any means, but certainly a long hibernation for this party animal.

Friday night’s dinner for the Democratic National Committee in California comes on the same day as the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University, which Obama is attending. Post summit, Obama heads to the swanky digs of Sandy and Jeanne Robertson, which happened to be the site of a $25,000-per-person party in November 2013 for the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Ready for Hillary. Tickets to Friday’s funder start at $10,000 and climb to $32,400.

The theme of the day? Technology! Sandy Robertson made his dough at a variety of technology investment companies, and he is a founding partner at Francisco Partners, a tech-focused private equity firm.

Despite the deep blue setting of the party, Obama isn’t feeling the love for the pre-Valentine’s Day get-together. According to, event organizers said “many” seats were still available at the 60-person dinner. (Don’t feel too bad for the Dems, though. Even if they only sell the cheap seats, this one meal could bring in $600,000 for the DNC.)

Christie raises cash
After a dismal oversees trip to London, Gov. Chris Christie is back stateside. The New Jersey Republican and possible presidential candidate is using his first few days at home to ward off a criminal investigation into his administration’s handling of grand jury indictments against a Christie supporter. Oh, and he’s also traveling to the Midwest for a couple fundraisers.

The first stop on the agenda is Iowa, where he will keynote an event benefiting the Dallas County Republican Party of Iowa. Presidential prognosticators, take note: Monday’s $25-per-person fundraiser marks the second time in 17 days that Christie has been in Iowa; he spoke at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January.

On Thursday, Christie travels to Illinois for the Northwest Suburban Republican 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner. Christie is the headliner, but newly elected Gov. Bruce Rauner, R-Ill., is listed as the event’s special guest. Tickets start at $100 for dinner, and $250 will get you into a private reception.

In the run up to last November’s election, Rauner and Christie were each other’s wingmen. In October, they hobnobbed at a Republican Governors Association event and later at an Illinois Republican Party luncheon. But, in a 2016 presidential plot twist, Rauner also had a high-dollar reception in September with one Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and all-but-certain presidential candidate. Hmmm.

Right to raise money
And speaking of Jeb Bush, the one-man traveling machine is at it again this week with another flurry of fundraisers. His Right to Rise super PAC is throwing a luncheon on Tuesday in Tallahassee, where tickets go for $1,000, but $5,000 will get you onto the host committee.

The next day, the Republican heads up to Manhattan for an evening reception at the home of Henry Kravis, the head of private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis and Roberts. Guests at the fundraiser may get a peek at some eye-popping art, since Kravis and his wife, Marie-Josee, are big-time collectors. The Met named a European sculpture and decorative arts wing after Henry, while Marie-Josee is the board president at the Museum of Modern Art.

While Bush parties with some high-rolling New Yorkers, his son, Jeb Bush Jr., will be the main attraction at a more low-key gathering in D.C. Billed as a “young professionals event,” the fundraiser for Right to Rise PAC costs $50 and is happening at a Mexican restaurant in Dupont Circle.

But don’t let the venue fool you – movers and shakers like Olga Arguello of Ellos Global Consulting, Ryan Bradel of Greenberg Traurig (who hosted fundraisers for former Rep. Todd Akin in 2012) and MacKay Jimeson of Pfizer (who previously worked for Gov. Bush in Florida and on Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008) will be there. Carlos Gutierrez Jr., whose dad was the secretary of Commerce under President George W. Bush and who made it onto the Hill’s Most Beautiful list in 2013, and David Powers, the Republican National Committee’s senior counsel, are also among the listed attendees.

As far as Party Time can tell, this is the first time Jeb Jr. has been dispatched for dad, but we certainly don’t think it’ll be the last. Have you heard of any Bushie parties in the works? Let us know!

Party at Podesta + Partners
There was a time at the beginning of last year when the name Podesta conjured stories of the messy – and public – divorce of D.C. power couple Heather and Tony Podesta. But by September, the two were able to overlook their differences (at least for one evening) to co-host a D.C. fundraiser for Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, a Democrat out of Georgia. That’s what we call some professional-level partying!

Come Tuesday evening, Heather Podesta throws a pricey party for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The reception and dinner goes down at her lobbying shop’s downtown headquarters, and five other lobbyists with the firm will be on hand to fete the Dems in attendance.

Individuals are asked to give $5,000, and PACs are expected to throw down $15,000. It costs a cool $32,400 per person to be on the host committee, and the invite reminds that “a contribution of $32,400 enrolls an individual as a DSCC ‘Majority Trust’ member and, along with other benefits, allows for attendance at the DSCC’s signature retreats.” Raise your hand if you have follow-up questions about those “other benefits”!

Show your love!!
Party Time loves a good themed party as much as the next person, so we salute the couple of politicos who are cashing in on Valentine’s Day.

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., is throwing a Valentine’s Day luncheon on Thursday at the lovey-dovey downtown offices of Honeywell International. Check out that invite: Multiple shades of pink! Hearts! And the theme continues to the contribution levels, where $250 makes you “cupid” and $2,500 gets you to “Valentine” status.

Come Thursday evening, it’s time for Ready for Hillary’s D.C. shindig. The PAC is having a Women Ready for Hillary event and prospective attendees are encouraged to “show your love for Hillary and encourage her to run in 2016!” The 21-person host committee includes plenty of familiar-to-PT faces, like Janice Enright (a lobbyist with deep and longstanding Democratic ties), Edie Fraser (the president of Business Women’s Network) and Carol Pensky (the co-founder of the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum).

And that wraps up your week in political parties, friends! What have we missed and what have you heard about it? Send us the goods right here.

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PT Round-up: Sen. Rand Paul goes to Iowa, Rep. Gwen Moore raises money over breakfast, Sen. Harry Reid revs up for 2016, and a Democratic challenger to Sen. Rob Portman parties in D.C.

Hello, party people! After a jam-packed January full of 2016 positioning, we are diving right into February, hearts full of anticipation. What will this next month bring?

Already, Party Time can tell there is plenty more presidential politicking on the horizon. On Thursday in Washington, the American Principles Project – a nonprofit that advocates on social conservative issues – hosts two governors who have their eyes on a higher office. Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., will keynote a lunchtime discussion about hot button topic Common Core, where tickets go for $50 a plate. In the evening, former Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, will headline the Red, White & Blue Gala. Tickets to the dinnertime event (which provides an outfit challenge if we’ve ever heard of one: it’s a cocktail attire affair, and attendees are encouraged to don red, white and blue garb) start at $300 and climb to $15,000.

This week brings with it an uptick of parties on our calendar, but we just know there’s more happening out there. Friends, what have you heard about? Send us whatever you’ve got – we will take it all! Email us the goods, or upload official invites right here.

And now, let’s get to those parties!

Ready for Rand
While Perry and Jindal do the grip and grin with conservatives in D.C., another GOP-er who’d like to move into the White House makes his way to Iowa, the all-important location of the first-in-the-nation presidential caucus. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul touches down in the Hawkeye State on Saturday yet again for a handful of events.

Paul starts out his day at a 9 a.m. meet and greet fundraiser for first-term Rep. Rod Blum, R-Iowa. Democrats already are angling to unseat Blum, who replaced Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley when the latter opted to run for the Senate seat vacated when longtime Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, retired. Gary Kroeger, a Saturday Night Live cast member in the ’80s who is now the creative director at Mudd Advertising, is interested in Blum’s 1st District seat, according to a recent National Journal article.

In the afternoon, Paul is slated to party with students at the Iowa State Center. The get-together is put on by RANDPAC, the senator’s leadership PAC, and the invite promises that the “first 100 students in the door get a free Rand Paul phone case.” It’s a smart move, because (a) that’s free publicity, and (b) everyone knows college kids will do just about whatever for a free anything.

Paul’s one-two punch in Iowa comes a week after he snagged the head of the Texas Republican Party, Steve Munisteri, as an adviser for that growing presidential team. And (not coincidentally?) Paul also delivered the keynote at last Friday’s Reagan Day Dinner for the Dallas County Republican Party.

Moore money
After spending a decade on Capitol Hill, Rep. Gwen Moore has a grasp on what makes a good party. Party Time’s records show that the Wisconsin Democrat mixes the traditional with the sassy, hosting plenty of luncheons and dinners but throwing in a fundraiser or two at a Lady Gaga concert or a basketball game. In fact, after she got sworn in on Jan. 6, she hit up donors at a Marquette-Georgetown game at the Verizon Center. Busy day!

Come Tuesday morning, Moore plans to breakfast with supporters at PT hotspot Johnny’s Half Shell. Individuals can snag a spot at the 2015 Welcome Back Breakfast for $250, but PACs are asked to throw in anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. We’ve got to hand it to Moore for how upfront she is about this multipurpose meal: The invite calls this a “welcome back” fundraiser, but explains that money raised will go toward her reelection campaign. Turns out, everybody’s got their eye on 2016.

Harry parties like it’s 2016
Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has had a rough few months. After the Democrats lost the Senate in November, Reid got demoted to the chamber’s Minority Leader. Then, over the holiday break, Reid had a bizarre exercising accident that led to broken ribs, an eye patch and then surgery.

But you can’t keep Harry down. Despite the setbacks, the Capitol Hill fixture says he aims to run for a sixth term in the Senate. And to prove his point, Reid is throwing a party for his 2016 race.

On Thursday, Jake Perry and Anne Brady (both longtime Dem operatives who now work for lobbying shop Crossroads Strategies), will host a D.C. fundraiser for Reid and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Shindig for Sittenfeld
Sen. Rob Portman announced in December that he wouldn’t launch a bid for the White House, but that doesn’t mean the Ohio Republican won’t have a tough race in 2016. The first-term senator already has a Democratic challenger by the name of P.G. Sittenfeld, a 30-year-old member of the Cincinnati City Council.

In mid January, Sittenfeld told his hometown newspaper that he wanted to run for the Senate and just a few weeks later, he’s got a fundraiser in Washington. That’s a quick turnaround, if you ask us! A handful of well-connected D.C. Democrats will party with Sittenfeld and some early-on supporters on Thursday at the home of Susan Sachs Goldman, a local writer and member of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Board of Governors.

And with that, we wrap up your week in political parties! What are we missing and what have you heard about? Send whatever you’ve got right here.

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PT Round-up: Barack Obama raises goop-loads of money with Gwyneth Paltrow; Joe Biden, Carole King make donors sing; Mitt Romney fundraises with Republican heavyweights; plus, a “Game of Thrones” party

Hello, party people! This week’s social calendar is a little less packed than recent weeks, but most of the parties on the books boast big names and carry a high price tag. Over here at Party Time, we like to think of that as strategic partying: If you can charge way more money at a handful of events with well-known faces, then you get to take off an afternoon or two. Treat yourself.

The fundraiser schedule this week leans to the left, but we know Republicans love a good party as much as their Democratic counterparts. Have you heard about a GOP party in the works? If you know of a fundraiser, you know what to do! Upload all of those official invites right here, or email us whatever you’ve got.

And now, for your weekly dose of political partying!

Partier-in-chief parties on and on and on
President Barack Obama’s fundraising schedule has felt a little helter skelter lately, with events cropping up seemingly on the fly (please see last week’s Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee event that we – and the White House press pool – found out about as it was happening). We know the president’s team plans everything to a T, so we are always surprised when there’s absolutely no pre-party buzz around a presidential pop-in.

But that’s about to change this week, as the fundraiser-in-chief is slated to attend five very buzzy, on-the-books parties. The most-talked-about shindig among them has to be Thursday’s reception and dinner at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Los Angeles home. Yes, the creator of Goop (it’s where she shares “all of life’s positives,” according to the lifestyle site’s About page) and the user of phrases like “conscious uncoupling” is hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, with tickets ranging from $1,000 to $32,400. It’s the second time the mega movie star has lent her name to a fundraiser invite with the prez: In 2012, she threw a dinner for Obama’s reelection campaign in London with buddies Anna Wintour and Tom Ford.

On Friday, Obama heads up the California coast for another DNC fundraiser, this one at San Francisco City Hall. PT records show that back-to-back events in moneyed, deep-blue pockets of the Left Coast is an often-repeated partying plan, but one we haven’t seen since July, when Obama did a Seattle to S.F. to L.A. cash grab.

But Obama doesn’t leave all of the partying for the end of the week. He actually starts off the fundraising fun on Tuesday with a three-in-one-day swing that takes him from New York to Connecticut.

An afternoon reception for the DNC at Chef Floyd Cardoz’s new restaurant, White Street in Tribeca, gets together some big names in Big Apple politics. Anne Hess, Craig Kaplan and Sarah and Victor Kovner, who all give loads of cash#mce_temp_url# to local and national Dems, will party with Broadway producer Margo Lion and the president. And another afternoon event, this one billed as a reception and discussion with President Barack Obama, will go down at the Manhattan home of power couple Bill White and Bryan Eure. Cash raised at the $25,000-per-person fundraiser will go straight to the DNC.

In the evening, Obama is off to Connecticut for a fundraiser at the Greenwich home of Richard and Ellen Schapps Richman. Tickets to the party for the DSCC start at $10,000, which is almost a bargain, considering the couple hosted Obama at a $30,000-per-plate fundraiser in 2010.

Whew! That’s a full week of presidential partying, if you ask us.

Joe hits the road for the ladies
The second in command gets in on the fundraising action this week with two on-the-road parties tailored for female House and Senate candidates. Get ready to gas up Air Force Two!

Vice President Joe Biden hits the money trail on Monday with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at a cocktail reception for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Hollywood muckety-mucks – Fox executive Jim Gianopulos, former Warner Bros. chairman Barry Meyer, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and filmmaker James L. Brooks – play host at the “When Women Succeed America Succeeds” themed event, which also features a performance by Carole King. Dust off that vinyl copy of “Tapestry” and get ready to sing along to “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” (And if anyone gets a pic of Biden crooning, please-oh-please send it to your friends at Party Time.)

On Thursday, Biden hits up donors at a Seattle party for a joint fundraising committee Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell set up for female senators and candidates in tight races this year. Cash collected for Cantwell for Women in the Senate 2014 goes to Cantwell (not up for reelection until 2018, FYI), Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan, New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn and West Virginia Senate candidate Natalie Tennant. Tickets cap out at $5,000.

Romney rakes it in
Mitt Romney continues to bask in his popularity, post presidential run number two. As a highly coveted figure on the campaign trail, Romney has been bouncing around the country this year, stumping for candidates in West Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia. And his fundraising schedule has been crammed, too, with additional stops in New Jersey, Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana.

As Romney’s calendar filled up, the questions started piling on. Is he staging a comeback, a la “the third time’s the charm”?

The former Massachusetts governor started out the year as a solid “no,” but at the end of last month, he delivered a coy “We’ll see what happens” to a reporter’s question about another run in 2016. Hmmmm.

While we can’t be sure about Romney’s future plans, we do know that he can’t seem to get enough of the partying scene. On Monday evening, he throws a New York City bash for the Republican National Committee with other GOPers just about always on the list of presidential potentials: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Big-time Romney supporter (and New York Jets owner) Woody Johnson and his wife, Suzanne, will host the party at their house, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will also attend.

That’s a lot of big-name Republicans at one get-together, so you know you’ll be writing a hefty check for some face-time. It’s a whopping $32,400 per person to attend.

On Wednesday, Romney heads to Utah to headline a private fundraiser for Mia Love, who is running for her state’s 4th District U.S. House seat. Love narrowly lost in 2012 to Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson, who is retiring this year. This go-around, Love faces Democrat Doug Owens. This may be her year as a recent poll has her up by 12 points and Sunlight’s Real-Time tool shows her winning the cash contest, too.

“Game of Thrones,” meet Party Time
Politicians glom onto just about anything of-the-moment to help them raise money for their campaigns. Nats game, anyone? Or perhaps a Beyoncé concert?

This week, Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., takes advantage of the “Game of Thrones” craze with a fundraiser ploy around the HBO fantasy hit. The Udall camp is raffling off a chance to meet series writer George R. R. Martin during a VIP reception at the novelist’s personal theater. Loop us in if you hear of any spoilers!

And that’s a wrap, party people! Let us know if you hear of anything good going on out there!

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PT Round-up: Clintons, Obamas come out for Democratic Senate candidates, Michelle Nunn parties with Usher, and a birthday fundraiser for Gov. Chris Christie

Party people, for months now we’ve been anticipating a fall season bursting at the seams with political fundraisers. And here we are, in the second full week of September, with a jam-packed social calendar.

This week, D.C.-based partying is back in full swing after the traditional emptying out of Capitol Hill during August, which saw plenty of on-the-road fundraising. Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., is one politician taking advantage of D.C.’s summertime-in-September weather, throwing a fundraiser at Nationals Park during Tuesday night’s Nats-Braves matchup. It’s a popular party spot, but usually it’s to watch your home team take on the Nats (since Schneider represents Chicago’s northern ‘burbs, we’re assuming he’s a Cubs fan). But, hey, a politician’s got to do what a politician’s got to do, and if that means having a fundraiser during a baseball game when your team’s not playing, then so be it.

Although Party Time’s schedule is super full, we are sure there’s more going on out there. What have you heard about, and what invites have come across your desk? You know what to do! Upload official invites right here, or email us any news tips.

And with that, get ready for a busy week in political partying!

Dems are partying hard. Like, really, really hard.
Democrats and Republicans are in the midst of a fight to the death for control of the Senate. Seriously. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., recently called his race against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes a “slugfest” and a “knife fight” during a fundraiser in southeastern Kentucky.

While candidates are using “control of the Senate” to rally support around their individual campaigns (at that same fundraiser, McConnell told those gathered: “This is the biggest race in the country. And the consequences are enormous.”), national-level party committees also employ the refrain to ply mega donors for mega bucks. To wit: This week, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – in charge of keeping the Senate blue – is throwing six pricey parties.

Dems have been rather adept this year at deploying unpopular-yet-moneymaking politicos (ahem, President Obama) to collect cash, and this week’s swath of fundraisers continues the trend. Tuesday evening’s annual fall reception at the National Museum of Women in the Arts features DSCC Chair Michael Bennet, D-Colo.,  and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.,  always a popular target for Republicans. Tickets start at $1,000 and climb to $32,400. And on Friday, expect a similarly priced event in Baltimore, where the partier-in-chief himself headlines a fundraiser. (Details on President Obama’s party are scarce, so let us know if you’ve heard about what’s doing in Charm City.)

Hillary Clinton makes her fall fundraising debut this week, hosting a DSCC reception and dinner – tickets go for $10,000 per person, or $32,400 per couple – at her Northwest D.C. home. Between her summertime book tour and various speaking gigs, not to mention the continual will-she-won’t-she-in-2016 storyline, Clinton keeps grabbing headlines. But Party Time counts this as her first step into purely political territory since May, when she headlined a fundraiser for Marjorie Margolies (mother-in-law to one Chelsea Clinton, not-so-incidentally), who ultimately lost her bid to return to Congress. State Rep. Brendan Boyle defeated Margolies in the Democratic primary for an open seat in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District.

Tuesday’s event is the first of two fundraisers this week for Clinton. On Sunday, she and hubby Bill will touch down in Iowa to co-headline Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry. As the site of the first-in-the-nation caucuses, the Hawkeye State visit has political prognosticators buzzing more than usual about her possible White House run. Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that’s collecting cash and solidifying support for a possible H. Clinton presidential candidacy, even cooked up a fundraiser raffle for supporters to win a trip to the Steak Fry.

And two more fundraisers fill out the week for the DSCC’s fundraising frenzy: On Wednesday, Delaware Sen. Tom Carper will host a lunch in D.C., and come Friday, party faithful will gather in swanky Kiawah, S.C., for a weekend-long fall retreat.

Famous faces come out for Michelle Nunn
In Georgia’s tight Senate race, Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn benefits greatly from name recognition. Her father, former Sen. Sam Nunn, continues to be a popular political figure in her home state after serving in the Senate for more than 30 years.

But a recent article questioned whether or not the Nunn name provides much of a boost among African Americans or younger voters, key constituencies for Democratic candidates. Fortunately for the Nunn camp, some very well-known people with names that just about everyone can recognize are throwing fundraisers this week for the campaign.

First up is first lady Michelle Obama, who is headlining a roundtable fundraiser Monday afternoon in Atlanta. The event benefits Nunn and the DSCC, and marks Obama’s first foray into fundraising since the end of July. Then, on Saturday, former President Bill Clinton throws a funder at the Atlanta home of Usher. Is everyone else counting on a Clinton-on-the-saxophone version of “Yeah!”? Thought so.

Cash for Comstock
Before she became a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates, Barbara Comstock was a go-to researcher and political consultant within Republican circles for years, working on former President George W. Bush’s campaign in 2000 and on Mitt Romney’s run in 2012. Now, as she competes for Virginia’s 10th District House seat, Comstock is getting help from some long-ago cultivated friendships.

On Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., headlines a reunion event in D.C., which will feature other top aides from the 2012 campaign. Comstock’s team is also raffling off two tickets and a photo with Ryan, asking supporters to throw down anywhere from $25 to $2,600 for a chance to meet the former VP candidate and current chair of the House Budget Committee.

The next day, Comstock throws another fundraiser, this one at the Middleburg, Va., home of Kristi and Vito Germinario. Former Virginia Sen. John Warner and Rep. Frank Wolf, whose upcoming retirement opened up the 10th District seat, are slated to attend Wednesday’s event.

Happy birthday, Mr. Governor
Politicians will use anything for a fundraiser gimmick. And why not? If you are planning to celebrate a wedding anniversary or the coming of summer anyway, why not tack on a little fundraising for good measure?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a one-man fundraising machine for the Republican Governors Association, is joining in on the tradition and marking his birthday (which actually fell on Sept. 6) with a fundraiser for the New Jersey Republican State Committee. Christie will celebrate the big 5-2 with his right-hand man, Bill Palatucci, and Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, turned presidential candidate, turned big-time GOP surrogate in 2014.

While $150 will get you into the general reception, it’ll cost you $5,000 to attend the private reception or $25,000 to attend the roundtable. And if that doesn’t entice you to bust out the checkbook, the birthday balloons on the invite should do the trick.

And those are the week’s highlights, party animals! What are we missing, and what have you heard about? Upload invites right here or email us whatever you’ve got.

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PT Round-up: President Obama is on the road again, Rep. Paul Broun looks to retire some campaign debt, plus a wedding anniversary meets political fundraiser

Hello party people! We hope you had a great long weekend filled with fireworks, outdoor BBQs, and desserts tricked out in red, white and blue. While just about everyone was busy partying in the name of the good ol’ U.S. of A, politicians took a break from their usually hectic social calendars. According to Party Time records, lawmakers took off the weekend, too, perhaps to do some non-political partying of their own. It almost makes us want to form a friendship circle and sing “America the Beautiful.”

But only almost. After all, this week, Congress members are back at it, hitting the fundraising trail for cash to fill their campaign coffers. Even though our social calendar is heating up, we know more money-tree-shaking is happening out there. What have we missed, and what have you heard about? Email us anything you’ve got, or send us official invites via our confidential upload feature.

And now, party people, set aside those sparklers and get ready for your week in political parties!

Obama keeps up the partying
The partier-in-chief just can’t seem to get enough. Party Time has been keeping tabs on President Barack Obama’s borderline-insane partying schedule, following him as he touches down in California, New York, Maryland, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis – and that’s just since the beginning of May!

This week, Obama continues to rake in the frequent flyer miles, swooping in on Colorado and Texas for three fundraisers on Wednesday. According to Party Time data, this trip includes something we haven’t seen in quite some time: a fundraiser benefiting a specific candidate.

That’s right; up until this week, Obama’s travel schedule has benefited the general campaign accounts for national committees – the Democratic National Committee, and the two groups that work to get Dems elected to the U.S. House and Senate. It makes sense, since these organizations can dole out dollars to the races they deem most important. And when you consider Obama’s sinking approval ratings and candidates’ outspoken desire to stay as far away from the president as possible on the campaign trail, the decision looks like a no-brainer.

But one such candidate is doing a 180, and has an Obama-headlined event to show for it. In January, Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., pled the Fifth on whether or not he wanted to be seen on the trail with the president. But come Wednesday, Udall – a first-term senator locked in a tight reelection battle against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner – will party with Obama in Denver.

The luncheon benefits the Colorado 2014 Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for Udall and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In addition to Obama, fellow Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who chairs the DSCC, will also attend. And turns out, you could, too! While seats at the lunch cap at $15,000 per couple, Udall’s campaign is raffling off one ticket to the event for $5, according to a fundraiser email.

There won’t be much time for lollygagging. After his Denver lunch, it’s wheels up for Obama as he flies down to the Lone Star State. First stop, the Dallas home of Marc Stanley, an Obama bundler and the former chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council. The Summer BBQ benefits the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and may be the most expensive grill-out we’ve come across, with tickets starting at $10,000 and going up to $32,400 per couple.

Obama then heads to Austin for a DNC fundraiser at the home of Latino filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The president may be headlining the high-dollar event, but Hollywood glitterati Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Demi Lovato and Danny Trejo will add some star power of their own at the party.

There’s considerable pressure for him to visit distinctly unmonied precincts along the border but the following day, according to Austin Culture Map, Obama will headline a roundtable discussion at the home of Aimee Boone Cunningham. She’s a Democratic  and feminist activist who now works at the Center for Reproductive Rights. Don’t have the $32,400 it will take to get into the Cunningham confab? Bargain hunters, rejoice: The president will speak afterwards at a DNC sponsored event in Austin’s Paramount Theater. Tickets are first-come, first-serve and free. Yes, partiers, you heart that right.

Anything else happening deep in the heart of Texas? If you know about it, you know what to do! Email us, or upload official invites right here.

Bucks for Broun
On the other end of the political spectrum, Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., is throwing a reception on Wednesday evening at D.C.’s Capitol Hill Club. Folks prepping to write four-figure checks better make them out to Broun’s debt retirement account, since he’s looking to shake off the leftovers from his unsuccessful bid to replace retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss. The three-term congressman from Athens recently came in fifth in a seven-way Senate Republican primary in the Peach State. David Perdue and Rep. Jack Kingston, the primary’s top two vote-getters, are heading into a runoff later this month.

Even though Kingston’s got his own campaigning to do, he’s slated to stop by the debt retirement party, as is another unsuccessful primary opponent, Rep. Phil Gingrey. In fact, the whole Republican delegation from Georgia will be on hand to help out Broun.

Broun – who has made national headlines by warning of an Obama dictatorship and calling the president a “socialist” – can’t run for his seat after the primary loss, and will leave Congress at the end of this year.

Conyers collects cash
After serving in Congress since 1965 – and winning with at least 75 percent of the vote throughout his tenure – Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., almost didn’t make it onto his home state ballot this year. Questions came up about his nominating petitions, but a judge stepped in and ordered that Conyers get added to the primary ballot.

With that all squared away, it must be time for a fundraiser. On Friday evening, Conyers will head to Manhattan for a reception benefiting his reelection campaign. Tickets start at $500, but the invite suggests PACs give $5,000.

Wedding anniversary – perfect fundraiser opportunity?
A particularly interesting fundraiser (and invite) rounds out this week in political parties. On Saturday evening, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., wants you to help her celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary with a $1,000-per-couple fundraiser at the Coconut Grove Ritz Carlton. You guys, there may actually be one of those money tree gizmos (a wedding anniversary tradition) at a political fundraiser!

Send us photos if so! And, as always, let us know what you hear about out there!

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PT Round-up: Hillary Clinton hits the fundraiser circuit; President Obama, Rep. Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker in New York for Wall Street-hosted parties

Most of the time, Party Time is a great place to work. And then sometimes, it’s totally awesome.

It’s been a phenomenal few weeks over here at Political Party Time – fundraising season is picking up, invites and tips are coming to our inbox, and some truly noteworthy parties are keeping us busy.

Last week we told you about President Barack Obama’s hectic midweek party schedule in California, with five fundraisers in two days. Before the trip, we learned of some specifics, but the juiciest tidbits came afterwards, when the reporters who cover the president when he travels, sent back details from the road.

For example, we learned that the site of one fundraiser – the expansive Bel Air home of Disney Studios head Alan Horn – includes a chicken coop near the property’s guest house. This, fundraising friends, is a Party Time first: chicken coops and campaign cash. The reporter said the coop contained “perhaps a rooster,” which makes us giggle to think of fancy-pants Bel Air folks waking to the sound of a rooster’s crow.

During a San Diego luncheon with Obama, the group of traveling reporters was stationed near a bathroom that contained a ToTo toilet, an engineering phenom that has – among other perks – a heated seat. Using all of our investigative reporting skills, our Google search found that these spiffy toilets can go for around $5,000. (And for a bit of perspective, tickets to this funder started at $10,000. Buy two toilets or go to an Obama-headlined lunch? Decisions, decisions!)

Before we get to this week’s gems, give us a minute to deliver that friendly reminder to send us whatever party goodies you’ve heard while out and about. We want it all – newspaper clippings, hot tips and gossip, official invites. Email us, or upload what you’ve got right here. And we keep our sources 100 percent confidential, so you can feel comfortable sharing.

And now, party people, your week in political fundraisers!

More money for Marjorie
Marjorie Margolies, running for the Pennsylvania House seat she held for one term in 1993, has Clinton connections to spare. One of the reasons Margolies only served one term is that she cast the deciding vote for then-President Bill Clinton’s budget – not the most popular move in the Republican wave of 1994. And her son, Marc Mezvinsky, is married to Chelsea Clinton, who announced in April that she is pregnant with their first child.

Last week, the New York Times ran a story that wondered about the Clintons’ lack of involvement in the Pennsylvania race. But over here at Party Time, we were left scratching our heads. After all, last October, Margolies benefited from a Madeleine Albright-headlined party, and in April, Bill Clinton went to Philly for a fundraiser.

Yes, but what about headline-grabbing, potential presidential candidate Hillary? Well, the wait is over, folks – the Margolies campaign is having a fundraiser May 15 with H. Clinton herself. And although Clinton has been making plenty of political comments during paid speaking gigs, this is her first step into officially political territory this year (PT records show her last fully political outing was an L.A. lunch for Terry McAuliffe during his successful campaign for Virginia governor).

Now for the good stuff, party people: Thursday’s four-figure funder is at the Upper East Side home of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Aside from having one of the toniest names PT has ever come across, de Rothschild is definitely one of the more colorful iconoclasts to grace our columns. An ardent Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008, de Rothschild opted to endorse Sen. John McCain over Obama in that year’s general election, saying at one point of the Democratic nominee: “I feel like he is an elitist.” This from a billionaire who runs a private investment company and who, during a remodel of a London home once owned by artist John Singer Sargent, made sure the property’s new gym had “a mirrored ceiling for Lynn’s stretching sessions,” according to a story in W Magazine.

In fact, de Rothschild’s zingers are so good that, on the heels of the fundraiser announcement, Mother Jones compiled a list; Slate, meanwhile, collected her best video clips because, yes, they are that good.

So, to recap: Marjorie Margolies, running for a House seat representing suburban Philadelphia, is having a fancy fundraiser with Hillary. And Lady Lynn. On Thursday. In Manhattan.

We couldn’t make it up, even if we tried.

GOP-ers go head-to-head in Big Apple
Two top-tier Wisconsin Republicans are slated to attend separate fundraisers in New York City as part of what Politico dubbed the “Wall Street primary.” Tuesday’s parties will allow Rep. Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker, both often called out as potential presidential contenders, to glad-hand financial bigwigs and test the 2016 waters.

Ryan, who chairs the House Committee on the Budget, will party with hedge fund heavyweights Paul Singer and Cliff Asness, as well as New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Although the crux of the get-together likely will be economic issues, it’s worth noting that Singer and Asness are outspoken supporters of gay marriage. In 2012, Singer threw down $1 million to start American Unity PAC, which urges Republican politicians to support marriage equality.

A few blocks away, Walker will be the headliner at a Republican National Committee fundraiser. It’s yet another step into the national spotlight for the Badger State governor, who rather famously beat back a recall challenge after he cut collective bargaining rights for most of his state’s public workers. More recently, he’s been partying with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and other bold-named Republicans at American Enterprise Institute’s three-day forum and the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Spring Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas.

Obama keeps the money train going for Dems
You know it’s a busy week when the president’s jaunt to Manhattan for a fundraiser isn’t the most significant highlight. On Wednesday, Obama will headline a party benefiting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and hosted by investment banker Blair W. Effron and private equity guru Jamie Rubin. No, not the ex-State Department flack and hubby of CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour. The Jamie who will be partying with has some pretty sweet connections, though: His dad is former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, a longtime banking exec who is no slouch in the campaign giving department himself. The move certainly doesn’t help to squash comments, like the ones just made by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., about the president’s coziness with Wall Street.

Effron’s Upper East Side mega-apartment – which, post remodel, contains a unit once owned by etiquette expert Emily Post – is the site of the super pricey reception and dinner. Businessweek reported that Effron bought the property for $24.5 million two years ago.

Rand ramps up in Ohio
In just a few short years, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. – aided by name recognition, spot-on messaging skills and a rising and boisterous bloc of libertarian-leaning voters – has moved from the “long-shot” to “presumptive” category in the list of potential 2016 presidential candidates. And Party Time has been watching this shift happen as he, not coincidentally, kicks into high gear his fundraising appearances in key states.

Paul’s Friday role at the Hamilton County Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is just another example. His keynote speech at the Cincinnati fundraiser will get Paul in front of swing state voters, and give him a chance to chat with key Ohio operatives, like Sen. Rob Portman and Gov. John Kasich.

And that’s your busy week in fundraising, partiers! As always, let us know what we’ve missed by emailing us or uploading invites here.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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PT Round-up: Donors come out for McAuliffe, and Bruce Braley’s birthday bash

Hello, partiers! Everyone loves Halloween, even your elected representatives as we see in this 1963 photo of President John F. Kennedy being surprised by some trick-or-treaters (a.k.a. his kids, Caroline and John). Of course some of this year’s political goblins may want a little more than candy. And they are busy: This week builds on last week’s post-shutdown return to fundraising-as-usual. As of press time, we’ve got 33 parties on tap this week, including one with President Barack Obama as the headliner.

After a raft of shutdown-induced cancellations, Obama has been hitting the party circuit hard, speaking at the DNC’s pricey Women’s Leadership Forum last Thursday, and then schmoozing Friday in New York at DCCC and DNC events. This week, it’s up to Massachusetts for a party at the home of his former ambassador to Spain, Alan Solomont. Wednesday’s Solomont event will raise as much as $32,400 per person, or $64,800 per couple, if you want to make a date night of it. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel are also slated to attend.

Not to be outdone, the National Republican Congressional Committee is slated to host a fundraiser in the Big Apple on Wednesday. We don’t know any details beyond that, so let us know if you’ve got the scoop!

Find out who else is trick-or-treating for cash this Halloween week …

Bucks for Bruce

Fresh off a Gabrielle Giffords-hosted event Sunday afternoon in Iowa, Rep. Bruce Braley heads back to D.C. to celebrate his birthday with – you guessed it! – a fundraiser.

Braley, celebrating the big 5-6 this year, hopes to bring in some serious cash at Tuesday’s “birthday cocktails” party.

After serving six years in the House, Braley is making a run to replace retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, a fellow Democrat, in 2014. According to Influence Explorer data, during his last election, Braley brought in $2,683,457, of which lawyers and law firms contributed $969,528. Among Iowa House races that year, Braley was the second-highest recipient of out-of-state contributions, collecting $1,138,173 from non-Iowa donors.

That trend may continue, seeing as tickets to “Bruce, Blues, and BBQ” in Iowa were $15 to $500, and his D.C. b-day bash starts at $250 a pop.

Clinton connection

The Virginia governor’s race is in its final week, and Terry McAuliffe continues to cash in on his longtime relationship with the Clintons.

On Monday, McAuliffe goes to suburban Virginia with Bill Clinton for an evening fundraiser that seeks to raise at least $2,500 per attendee. The hosts that night, Dwight and Martha Schar, are GOP heavy-hitters with an expansive $9.9 million McLean estate. Dwight Schar, part owner of the Redskins and a former RNC finance chairman, bucked his party and lent his endorsement to McAuliffe in June.

On Wednesday, Clinton confidants Cheryl and Haim Saban will host McAuliffe and his supporters at a luncheon in their Beverly Hills home. Haim Saban, a media mogul who “slept in the White House several times” during Clinton’s tenure, has given $276,065 to McAuliffe through his TV production company, Saban Entertainment. Also slated to attend the $15,000-per-head lunch? Hillary Clinton, who recently endorsed McAuliffe during a “Women for Terry” event in Falls Church.

Trick or treat!

It feels like the Clintons are especially ever-present this week on the party circuit, which is saying something. On Halloween, Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeline Albright will make her way to Pennsylvania to raise some dough for Marjorie Margolies, mother-in-law to Chelsea Clinton.

Margolies held Pennsylvania’s 13th District House seat, just outside Philadelphia, in the mid ’90s, and lost it after infamously casting a last-minute vote in favor of then-President Clinton’s budget. Now, she’s hoping to get the same seat back but she faces a competitive Democratic primary in which she lags in fundraising, according to the latest figures compiled by the Sunlight Foundation’s Real-Time FEC tracker. Madeleine Dean, a state representative, is hosting the “Evening of Dessert and Conversation,” and tickets range from $250 to $2,600.

We want to know if there will be costumes, and who will wear a Bill mask.

Wanna get away?

If the changing leaves and chilly fall air aren’t your thing, perhaps Rep. Xavier Becerra can convince you to join him (and donate to his Leadership for Today and Tomorrow PAC) in warm Puerto Rico for an “Autumn Leadership Golf Getaway” this upcoming weekend. The $5,000 entry gets guests a weekend on the course and plenty of talk of … leadership.

If Puerto Rico is too far, Des Moines’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner to benefit the Iowa Democratic Party may call (although we can’t promise anything resembling warm weather there). Sen. Charles Schumer is the keynote speaker.

That’s what we’ve got for this week, partiers; what have you heard about? Let us know!

(Photo credits: National Archives,  Wikimedia commons)


This Week’s Fundraisers: Romney racing ahead in parties, Obama campaign on break, Biden partying with others and more

This week will be more productive on the party scene for our nation’s lawmakers, especially in comparison to last week’s abysmal turn out as officials took a break. We have more than 20 events lined up. Here are the highlights:

Romney in the lead this week: Usually President Obama is at the top of the fundraising race, at least in terms of the number of events his campaign holds weekly. Not this time, however! GOP hopeful Mitt Romney has multiple events this week, topping the president’s campaign — for which we’ve been able to find only one measly invite. Got more? Lay them on us.

Romney kicks off his busy fundraising week with two Sunday events. The first will be a lunch in New York, which House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., will also attend.  It’ll cost $5,000 per person to eat lunch; those who contribute or raise $25,000 will be invited to attend the VIP photo reception as well.

Later in the evening, Romney will be dining with billionaire David Koch, according to Forbes magazine, the Empire State’s richest resident. The pricey dinner at Koch’s Southampton residence will cost individuals $50,000 and couples $75,000. This won’t be the first time that Koch will be helping to fundraise for Romney. No surprise, given the close ties between the two well-upholstered families.

According to Fox31 Denver, Romney is expected Monday evening at a private fundraiser in Aspen, Colo. Alas, Party Time didn’t get an invite (insert sad emoticon here). If you have any details or the invite itself, let us know!

On Tuesday, Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, will be attending a reception in his father’s honor in Pennsylvania. Tickets for this event, held at the Berkshire Country Club, cost between $500 for general admission and $10,000 to be part of the platinum circle.

On Thursday, Romney will be in Wyoming for a reception and dinner with former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne at their home. Party Time got an invite, but it didn’t detail the ask.

While Romney is in Wyoming with Cheney, the candidate’s older brother, G. Scott Romney, will be attending another evening reception at Trump Parc Stamford in Connecticut. This invite quotes $500 per person to attend an earlier “meet & greet” while those who wish to stay for the VIP dinner reception have to cash out $2,500 a head.

Of course, not everything is bright and sunny in the Romney fundraising-verse. Just the other day, one of his big hosts, former Barclays CEO Robert Diamond, withdrew from his fundraising efforts for Romney, following a scandal involving the bank’s role in a scheme to fix interest rates. Diamond was supposed to host a London dinner for Romney July 27, costing between $25,000 and $75,000.  But word is the London fete is still on (Romney will be in town for the Olympics, where his wife has a horse and trainer competing) and we’re still looking for the invite. Hint, hint.)

Obama (campaign) in Paris (again): The Obama campaign will be taking yet another trip to France for a reception with former Secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig. The event, at a still undetermined location in Paris, will cost between $750 and $5,000 for guests and hosts respectively. Ex-pats, as always, should remember to make sure they have a copy of their passport ready.

Updated, 10:45 a.m., 7/9/2012: Vice President Joe Biden will also be helping the president  with a little bit of fundraising. He is expected to be in Utah on Tuesday for a reception at the home of one of Obama’s inaugural donors. The evening event costs $25,000 to co-chair but costs as little as $100 for Gen44 young professionals. Those who wish to take part in a photo reception with the vice president will have to pay $8,000 or $5,000 for couples and individuals respectively. Non-young professionals have to cough up $500 for general admission, while premium seating comes at $1,000 per head.

Biden partying with others: While the president appears to be taking a break from the fundraiser circuit, Biden will be helping other Democrats with their campaigns as well.

On Monday, Obama’s right hand man will be in Seattle appearing at an evening fundraising in honor of Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., along with Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash. Inslee is running for governor. Tickets cost $50 for general admission and $250 for premium admission.

It also appears to be the general consensus that the vice president will also appear in Missouri for a Kansas City fundraiser with Sen. Claire McCaskill on the same day, according to However, Party Time has been unable to secure the details. If you know something, once again, be sure to share!

Another VP mentionee, another party: Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., will be attending a reception for his leadership political action committee, Reclaim America PAC, on Wednesday. The event will cost $2,500 to host or $1,000 to $500 to attend (PAC and individuals respectively). A potential rival for the No. 2 slot on Romney’s ticket, meanwhile, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is reportedly headlining a breakfast fundraiser for Romney in Quincy, Mass. According to the Quincy Herald-Whig (proud owner of our new favorite domain name:, tickets run from $100 to $1,000. Members of the Knapheide family, fifth-generation owners of a local truck manufacturing company, are hosting the breakfast.

The Getaways: There will be three opportunities to get away from the capital starting on Friday.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., will be hosting his Second Annual Family & Friends Weekend, in honor of his super PAC, Heartland Values PAC from Friday to Sunday. The get away trip will take place at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.  PACs have to dish out $3,000 while individuals have to pay only half as much.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will have its own summer retreat in Martha’s Vineyard from Friday to Sunday. Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. and Chris Coons, D-Del., are expected to be at the retreat. There is no record of the cost in Party Time.

Finally, Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., will be hosting an afternoon at the ballpark at Chicago’s Wrigley field in honor of five Democratic congressional candidates for Illinois. Supporters will have to pay $5,000 to be on the “All-Star Team,” $2,500 to be “home run hitters,” or $1,000 to be a part of the “starting line-up.”


This Week’s Fundraisers: Obama revs fundraising engines; Mitt hits Georgetown; Pelosi parties with MC Hammer

Happy end-of-June-week Party Timers! Summer has officially started but the days are hardly lazy for those who need handouts. It’s yet another busy money-grubbing week for our nation’s lawmakers with more than 40 events on the Party Time calendar. Here are the highlights:

Obama making up for last week: As far as Party Time knows, our nation’s fundraiser-in-chief uncharacteristically slowed his partying pace last week with his campaign only holding two events, none of which President Obama attended personally. It seems now as if the campaign has recovered its knack for holding an astonishing amount of fundraisers, starting with three on Monday.

Obama’s fundraising week starts with a campaign roundtable in Boston, which the president himself will attend at the private residence of a supporter. Tickets are $40,000 per head. It doesn’t seem as if the president intends to stay at the roundtable for long however, for at 4 p.m., minutes after the initial 3:45 p.m. event, Obama is slotted to make another appearance at a reception at Boston’s Symphony Hall, featuring a special performance by Grammy award winning Israeli violinist Miri Ben-Ari. Tickets for this “cheaper” event range from $144 for young professionals in the Gen44 balcony to $10,000 to co-host the event.

The president will then travel over to Weston, Mass. for a dinner in his honor at the home of another supporter. Individuals will have to hand over $17,900 while couples get in for $35,800.

The next day, the president flies into Atlanta for an early reception costing $500 to $10,000. He will then fly into Florida to attend a dinner hosted by American singer-songwriter and impressario Marc Anthony. Tickets for this particular event start at a whopping $40,000 for guests and go all the way up to $75,800 for event co-hosts. The ask for the co-host tickets actually breaks Obama’s old Party Time record for the highest requested contribution, at an event where the price was the same, but was divided among five people, instead of resting on the shoulders (or rather in the pockets) of one.

Anthony and the president will then head over to the Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach for yet another fundraiser in the president’s honor, with a special performance by the singer. Tickets for this one start at $100 for the mezzanine section and going up to $5,000 to co-host.

While her husband is wooing supporters in Georgia and Florida, the first lady will be travelling to the couple’s hometown of Chicago for a Gen44 reception. Early bird tickets are $44 for young professionals, while those for a group photo reception for up to five people cost $2,500. The Chicago Tribune reports that the first lady also will attend a lunch with Glee star Jane Lynch. According to the Trib, tickets for that event start at $250. Special thanks to Chicago Tribune’s Katherine Skiba for providing this particular invite. Our friend Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times has the full price breakdown here. Lynn also reports that Vice President Joe Biden will be back in Chicago Monday for his second fundraiser in a week. Details and price points in her blog here.

On Thursday the first lady will be in Memphis for another reception in honor of her husband’s campaign. Tickets for this event will start at $500, but co-chairs have to hand over a steep $35,000. The campaign will then head over to the Empire State for another reception that same day. The special guest for this event is yet to be determined, but tickets are relatively affordable at $100 for young professionals, $1,000 for guests and $2,500 for VIPs.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender African American leaders in DC will then host a reception with openly gay former football star, Wade Davis in honor of the president. Tickets start at $100. And finally, the campaign will be hosting yet another Gen44 evening reception, this time in Los Angeles, Calif. Tickets can cost as much as $2,500 to host.

Romney not slacking off: Fresh from his swanky Utah weekend with big donors and potential running mates, Mitt Romney, will be checking the drawing power of another possible veep nominee. On Tuesday, the president’s GOP rival will attend a fundraiser in New Jersey with the state’s governor, Chris Christie. The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas has all the details. (Many thanks, Alex, for shooting us the invite!) The next day, Romney will be in the nation’s capital for an intimate Georgetown dinner with all his best friends who can afford the $50,000 ticket price, according to the invite obtained by the Washington Post. Less well-heeled Romney backers can get into a Monday evening fundraiser for as little as $100. It’s hosted by two lawmakers who are getting lots of mention as potential Romney veep picks: Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. The Post has this invite too.

A Week for the Women: There are four female-focused events taking place this week. On Monday, ShePAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing and supporting conservative women, will be holding a D.C. Kickoff Reception at the Capitol Hill Club featuring former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. The event will include a VIP roundtable  briefing, a VIP photo-op and reception with Rice and a general reception. Tickets cost between $250 and $50,000.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will be serenaded Monday at a hometown fundraiser in San Francisco featuring MC Hammer and ex-Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart’s band. Tickets range from $100 to $5,000. Hat tip to Huffington Post for this one.

Democratic Congressional Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, George Badey, will be holding a discussion of women’s health issues at a reception in his homestate. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Pa., will host the Monday event. Tickets start at $250.

Although it’s not a political fundraiser, but Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., will be speaking at the National Capital Area Council, LFL’s 8th Annual Woman of the Year Award Breakfast on Thursday. Tickets to this event, which benefits the National Capital Area Council, cost between $200 and $10,000.

Lawmakers love birthday money: There’s nothing quite like getting a little bit of extra cash on your birthday, and some lawmakers seem to agree. Both Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., will be holding birthday fundraisers in their honor on Tuesday.

Rep. Fitzpatrick’s birthday celebration will be held at the Fado Irish Pub and cost well-wishers $500 to $2,000. Sen. Ayotte’s party reception meanwhile will be held at the Cava Mezze Restaurant for the same ask.

Other interesting events: The unlucky marksmen and markswomen who missed  last week’s trap & skeet event hosted by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, are in luck. Rep. Steve Fincher, R-Tenn., will be holding a Trap & Skeet Shoot event on Monday at the same Prince George’s Country Trap & Skeet Center. The event is even a little cheaper than  Sen. Crapo’s event with tickets starting at $250.

D.C. residents who used to live in Maine will have a chance to get a taste of home this week as Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine, hosts a Wednesday taste of Maine summer party. Mainers, or wanna bes, can pay between $100 to $2,500 for the experience.

We’re wrapping up the month of June and so of course, many have their eyes and hearts set on July 4th, the nation’s Independence Day. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is providing early entertainment for the patriots hosting an “Independence day summer Bbq“ on Thursday. So grab your flags, your whistles and your best flag-branded wear (along with $1,000 to $2,000 in contributions) and come prepared to celebrate the nation’s birth.

Finally, on Friday there will be a fairly typical lunch for a congressional candidate with an untypical resume. Tulsi Gabbard, became the youngest person ever elected to Hawaii state office, in 2002, winning a seat in the legislature at age 21. Ten years later and now a member of the Honolulu City Council, Gabbard has decided to run for the U.S. House seat that Democratic Rep. Mazie Hirono is vacating to run for Senate. Gabbard debuts in Party Time with a lunch in her honor. Requested contributions are $250, $500 and $1,000.


This Week’s Fundraisers: Obama to the West Coast, Republicans to the Chesapeake Bay

The nation’s lawmakers have returned from their week of rest and with them, of course, the parties. Sunlight has almost 20 events lined up for you. Here are the highlights:

More from the Obama Victory Fund: You Party Timers can pretty much expect to see Obama presidential fundraisers almost every week from here on in. The Obama campaign hasn’t stopped partying for the past month now it seems! This week is no different with four parties of different prices and sizes lined up for his supporters.

On Tuesday, the Obama Victory Fund will be holding a reception with Obama for America Digital Director, Teddy Goff and its Chief Digital Strategist Joe Rospars in Brooklyn. The Obama campaign’s digital strategy will be the focus of this event. Tickets start at $75 and go up to $1,500 for those who want to host.

The president himself will be flying to Seattle on Thursday for a brunch in his honor at the home of one of his inaugural donors. The pricey event costs $17,900 for individuals and $35,800 for couples.

A few hours later, Obama is expected to be at a lunch at the Paramount Theater, also in Seattle, with special musical guest Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band. Event tickets start at a modest $250 but shoot up to $8,000 for a group of four who wish to be part of the photo reception.

Later in the evening, the president is expected to fly into California for a dinner at actor George Clooney’s residence. This shindig will cost $35,800.

Democrat Senators Partying: It seems that all around the Democrats are having the time of their lives. This week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a few events lined up for the public.

Along with their monthly roundtable breakfast briefing held on Wednesday, the Women’s Senate Network will be having a discussion and lunch the same afternoon. Suggested contributions start at $500 but the lunch is free for those who pay $5,000 annual membership. Those who desire to upgrade and chair the event must have $30,800 ready.

Finally, in the evening, the committee is inviting all supporters to a “Friends on the Hill Dinner.” For this event supporters have to dole out $10,000.

The Outings: Don’t worry outdoorsy Party Timers, Republican lawmakers have got you covered in this category.

On Monday, Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., will be hosting a “day of golf” at the Springfield Golf and Country Club in Virginia. Tickets are $500 for individuals and $1,000 for political action committees.

Anglers in the GOP will have a tough choice ahead of them on Friday. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, will be “fishing on the Chesapeake Bay” from Solomon’s Island, Md. Party Time doesn’t have the price or time for this event.

On the same day however, Rep. Andrew Harris, R-Md.,  is hoping to have his postponed “afternoon of charter boat fishing for rockfish” at the Rock Hall Marina, also in Maryland. To attend individuals will have to pay $500 while PACs pay $1,000. PACs that want to co-host will have to show $2,500.

For those who can’t possibly choose between these two fishing events, luckily it seems that Crapo’s event is expected to go into Saturday as well.


Beneficiary: congressional candidate, lawmaker, or entity which collects funds raised at party

Host: person who is hosting party-often, but not always, a registered federal lobbyist

Venue Name: where the party is

Entertainment Type: type of gathering, such as "breakfast," "ski trip," "bowling"

Other Lawmakers Mentioned: lawmakers mentioned on invitation who are used as a draw for the event

Sunlight's Party Time is a project to track parties for members of Congress or congressional candidates that happen all year round in Washington, D.C. and beyond. (read more)

We also post information we receive about parties where members of Congress are expected to participate—such as convention or inaugural parties.

Since we don't hear about all the parties, you can also tell us if you know where the party is and we don't.